College Planning Checklist: Sophomores

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Check off each item as you complete each suggestion.

In the Fall

√  Meet with your counselor at the beginning of the school year and continue dialogue of your college plans. Review your schedule.

√  Keep your calendar current with important dates and deadlines.

√  Go to college fairs in your area.

√  Sign up for extracurricular activities - aim for leadership roles.

√  Sign up for the PSAT/NMSQT, which is given in October. Ask your counselor which date it is offered at your school. Get free online PSAT/NMSQT practice.

√  Talk to your parents and your college planning advisor about financing college.

In the Spring

√  Sign up for college preparatory courses.

√  Take AP Exams in May.

√  Look for a great summer opportunity job, internship, or volunteer position.

√  Check with your counselor and search online for summer school programs for high school students at colleges.

√  Plan to visit college campuses to get a feel for your options. Start with colleges near you.

√  Finalize your summer plans.

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