College Planning Checklist: Freshmen

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Check off each item as you complete each suggestion.

In the Fall

√  Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans. Review your schedule with him or her to develop a recommended class schedule of college preparatory courses. AP classes can reduce college costs.

√  Establish strong study habits and commit to a consistent study routine and work on effective time management techniques. Great grades can equal scholarships

√  Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines. Preperation reduces stress

√  Donít forget that extracurricular activities can be an important part of your Resume of Achievement, as well as a lot of fun. .

In the Spring

√  Sign up for college preparatory courses. Consider AP courses.

√  Study for May AP Exams. Get free AP preparation.

√  Look for a great summer opportunity ó job, internship, or volunteer position.

√  Check with your counselor and search online for summer school programs for high school students at colleges.

√  Consider summer community service projects. Colleges look at community service as important.

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